We’re delivering recruitment to the British Army, mobilising operations to deliver a fire and rescue capability for the MOD, providing e-learning and support services to the UK Defence Centre for Languages & Culture, and technical support to the Astute-class submarine build programme.
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Moving forward together with the MOD

The pace at which digital and combat technologies, operational and safety equipment needs, and forces’ recruitment and training are changing means that consulting, supplying to and partnering with the MOD requires a certain type of organisation. One that, like the MOD itself, must be agile, responsive, strategic and exists in a constant state of learning.

We know that the best partnerships foster environments that allow parties to reassess, reflect, and together formulate new strategies based on previous learnings and shared goals. By living this ethos, for example, Capita and the British Army have together transformed the Recruitment Partnership Project (RPP) into a globally recognised military recruitment success story.

Our shared endeavours have also been  crucial throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, including our successful transfer of over 500 firefighters as part of the Defence Fire & Rescue Project – a success possible only through class-leading collaboration and MOD expertise.

Our MOD heritage and continued success stems from striving to understand the MOD better than anyone else. Our accomplishments with huge projects across the MOD would simply not have been possible without constant learning, true collaboration, and a deep understanding of MOD-specific requirements. These values have been the key to recruiting ’tomorrow’s army today’ and supporting our MOD to remain in full operation for the safety and security of us all.


of the regular British Army soldiers recruitment target met in 2019/20


MOD firefighters transferred throughout the Covid-19 pandemic


Capita and Army team members managed directly across 68 army careers centres


fire appliances being procured and deployed to replace the MOD’s current fleet

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