When something goes wrong, it’s vital you know where to turn

Our field, on-site, remote monitoring and project services are designed to give you access to a pool of resources, with specialist IT skills, to keep your organisation running.

We can support the ongoing health and maintenance of your IT estate by providing the tools, visibility and insight needed to drive consistent performance.

Alternatively, our field engineers can ensure that, when things do go wrong, local engineers are on hand and ready to respond quickly, reducing the time it takes to resolve problems. 

From delivering flexible IT support to 22,000 Belfast Heath and Social Care Trust healthcare professionals, to our on-demand IT support for West Midlands Police – a client of ours for over 30 years – we're a trusted first port of call to get things back on track.

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Why should organisations pay more attention to what their users are looking to achieve? How can companies get a better return on investment with technology? How will a trend towards automation and ease-of-use affect business life?
Hear from Andrew Trusconi-Smith, Head of customer engagement and service experience.

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Testing and assurance

Our testing and assurance consultancy provides strategic testing, assurance and governance services that concentrate solely on testing IT processes to support technology-centred change.


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