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Launched by Capita in 2015, Atlas is one of the UK’s leading Master Trusts. It provides a complete pension service for companies who are looking to provide a quality solution for employees, whilst reducing their cost and governance burden.
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Providing a complete pension service with a leading Master Trust

Atlas is the trustee-led Master Trust that represents the considered choice for employers who want their employees to have the financial futures they choose.

Everything we do is for our members, giving them control and confidence that their hard-earned money and their best interests are looked after by an independent, proactive board of experts.

In order to be the best, we are openly structured to partner with the right practitioners for the job, such as Schroders, a leading investment management company with over 200 years’ experience.

We offer a range of different investment funds to suit our members and take care of the complete service, from contribution collection to taking benefits. And with our easy to use online member portal, members always know exactly what their retirement will hold.


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Our approach

Proactive experts

We work to absolute standards, not relative performance. A team of independent experts lead our trustee board, rigorously hand-picked for both their individual experience and what they bring to the team. As some of the most experienced and respected names in the industry, they proactively manage the performance and direction of the Master Trust. 

Together, they are relentlessly committed to getting the best for our members and their investments, and we place unreserved confidence in them.


We are openly structured to partner with the right practitioners, like Schroders for example - the leading investment manager with over two centuries of expertise in helping people plan for the future. 

Our values are aligned; Schroders is committed to  putting  customers first, understanding their needs now and providing them with a predictable and sustainable income in the future. 

We work collaboratively with Schroders, using its global investment expertise and harnessing its deep understanding of the complex rules and regulations surrounding pensions to deliver sustainable returns over the long term for members. 

Together, we offer a range of funds to suit the different needs and risk styles of our members and enable them to take control of their own financial futures, on their own terms.


We engage members, giving them control, comfort, and confidence in their financial futures. We have a deep understanding of people, developed from our interactions with over half of the UK population every day. We use our people insights and behavioural intelligence to help create communications that engage every one of our members to make them better informed.

It is vitally important that people are able to understand how their pension works and what they can do to maximise the opportunities they have to grow their pension account. 

With nudge communications, Atlas can educate, inform and encourage members to review their accounts regularly and consider what life after work might look like. Whether that's reminding them when it's pay rise time, when they're choosing their benefits, emails on their significant birthdays or when they approach retirement.

We know that people like to learn and engage in different ways. That's why the member experience includes different media to cater for different learning styles. We create targeted and segmented communications to provide the member with a tailored suite of communication. 

We believe simple user experiences create smooth paths to retirement. Our Atlas member portal, featuring an interactive pension modeller, puts members in control, giving them anytime, anywhere access to their fund choices, retirement plans and progress.

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Atlas Master Trust: The consolidation game

Defined Contribution (DC) master trusts are becoming a popular choice to remove the legislative burden of in-house DC schemes. But moving to a master trust should not mean reducing your expectations and member experience. Anish Rav, of Atlas Master Trust, looks at why consolidation shouldn’t mean standardisation. Download our White Paper to learn more.

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