Frequently asked questions

Find below some frequently asked questions about the iTrent transfer, these will be updated regularly to reflect questions submitted to the team.

The FAQs are relevant to all affected schools, where an FAQ relates to a particular group this will be specified.

Q. I’ve followed the ‘Forgotten Password’ link but haven’t received an email what should I do?

The password reset email can take up to 15 minutes to arrive and may take the full time whilst a high number of users are attempting to login.

If the 15 minutes has passed, please ensure you check your Junk Mail Folder the email will arrive from the following address

Depending upon your local IT Policy, you may be able to add this email address to your safe senders list, to prevent future emails being delivered into your ‘Junk Mail’ Folder. 

Q. What is happening with AskHR, will my login details change?

No - AskHR will remain in place – you should continue to use this facility to access valuable information & submit enquiries to your Capita HR & Payroll teams. You can continue to login as normal here;

Q. I have tried to enter a change in iTrent but an error message appears saying ‘These details have been locked by the contract locking process’ what do I do?

If your payroll is being processed there may be a lock on the system to prevent you inputting changes. Once the processing activity has been completed the system will be unlocked and you can enter changes as normal. 

Q. Does this affect the cost of my payroll and/or HR administration service?

No, there will be no change to the annual fee, the upgrade of technology is at Capita’s cost. 

Q. Will my login and password change?

Yes, it will, you’ll be accessing a new online system, the URL and usernames and passwords will be supplied in the month before introduction for your school. 

Q. Will there be any changes to contact details for the HR and Payroll teams?

No there won’t be any changes to contact details so you can continue to use the current telephone number and email address. 

Q. What will be different about iTrent?

iTrent has a lot of great functionality that we expect will improve your user experience the key changes you will notice are detailed in the what’s changing section of the site.

Q. Will employee numbers change?

No, we appreciate that changing employee/payroll numbers can cause additional work for schools. As a result we have set-up iTrent to ensure we are able to transfer on the current 10 digit numbers. 

Q. Will we receive training on how to use iTrent?

Yes, we are committed to supporting you with the change and are developing a training plan and materials at the moment. Further details and dates for training will be provided to you shortly.

Q. We submit our payroll data using spreadsheets and paper forms will this change?

If you currently purchase a paper based service which excludes online self-service, this will remain unchanged. There may be small changes to the way you access certain items including reports and letters, we’ll ensure to keep you fully informed as soon as any changes are confirmed. Should you wish to move to online self-service and take advantage of a lower annual charge please do get in touch with your HR and Payroll team to review your requirements.

Q. If I have any questions who can I talk to?

Please contact your HR and Payroll team, use the website contact form or email

Q. Will we still have access to ask HR?

Yes, this remains unchanged, however you will also see improvements in the content of AskHR over the coming months. 

Q. I currently have SIMS integration will this change?

If you currently utilise the SIMS integration this will continue. However we are currently looking at ways to future proof and improve this integration to better suit the needs of educational establishments.

Q. When employee self-service becomes available will this be accessible via mobile or tablet?

Yes, iTrent is delivered via the web and ESS can be accessed via mobiles. For those employees receiving payslips by email please note that AOL accounts appear to block iTrent emails and an alternative email address would be necessary.

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