What’s Changing?

The whole system used to process your HR and Payroll will be changing from ResourceLink to iTrent. We expect this transfer to result in a number of benefits for our schools customers.

Outlined below are some of the main changes you will notice.

Main changes/Benefits

  • New Login details – You will no longer login to MyView but instead iTrent’s People Manager, as a result your login details are likely to change
  • Improved Look and Feel – The system will be user friendly and visually appealing
  • Better Navigation – Information will be easy to find with a more intuitive system
  • Faster input – For timesheets, overtime and expenses with no need to access individual records
  • Improved reporting – Additional reports will be available on specific topics such as absence, access these in iTrent and run them any time they are required (we’ll be producing an example reporting pack for you shortly)
  • A save function - Giving flexibility to complete transactions in as many sittings as needed
  • Access to Leaver information – Directly via the system with no need to call the HR or Payroll team
  • Payroll processing warning – Whilst payroll is processing and data should not be inputted in the system a warning will appear to prevent wasted time and effort
  • Record Paid Leave – Currently ResourceLink only allows sickness and unpaid leave to be entered
  • Enter specific job titles – iTrent allows specific job titles to be added in addition to more generic post titles
  • Better delegation – iTrent will allow delegates the ability to access and make changes to the Headteacher record where needed
  • Submit multiple pay impacting changes with the same effective date – including contract hours change and pay awards
  • Fully managed service – If you currently have a fully managed service, submit electronic timesheets and HRAP forms via AskHR there may be small changes to the way you access certain items including reports and letters, or slight format changes to some spreadsheets. We’re confident that any changes will be improvements and will ensure to keep you fully informed as soon as any changes are confirmed. If you would like to move to online self-service and take advantage of a lower annual charge please do get in touch with your HR and Payroll team to review your requirements.

What isn’t changing

  • Payroll Numbers - If you currently have 10 digit payroll numbers these will remain the same.
  • AskHR – you will still have access to AskHR
  • Your HR and Payroll Teams – Your contacts in the HR and Payroll teams will remain the same and all contact details will be unchanged.

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This page will provide you with the most up to date information on the iTrent transfer for schools. Please check back regularly as we’ll be adding updates as the project progresses.

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