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GMP Stalemate cases

PASA have published new guidance on GMP reconciliation cases that have reached “stalemate” status with HMRC, as the deadline for schemes to submit queries to HMRC fast approaches.

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Sourcing, engaging and keeping talent in your workplace

Alistair Dornan   

Alistair Dornan, Head of Health Management, shares his views on what can today’s business leaders do to win in the world of work and transform in order for their workplace to find, nurture and retain the competitive advantage this generation represents.

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Global Legislative Update - July 2018

Global Benefits Team   

Our Global Legislative Update summarises current legislative developments and trends related to employee benefits, highlighting recently passed and pending legislation. This issue includes updates on changes in key countries including Canada, the USA, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, Denmark, France, Germany, Lithuania, Sweden, Ukraine, the UK and Lebanon.

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The retirement challenge

Gareth Davies   

Gareth Davies, Head of Research, shares his view with Pensions Age on the challenge facing retirees who underestimate how long their retirement may be.

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