Delivering better outcomes – pensions business bolstered

19 March 2019

Capita Pensions and Benefits is half way through its biggest recruitment drive in recent years, with nearly 200 new hires set to join the pensions business this month.

The new recruits will be based in Sheffield, Darlington and Glasgow. They will boost the existing teams, comprising around 1,000 administration staff delivering pensions management solutions to more than 580 schemes across the UK. Their roles primarily span delivery, implementation and relationship management, and grow Capita's team of Pension Administrators, Pension Technicians and Client Relationship Managers.

This recruitment activity is part of a wider improvement programme, which aims to simplify Capita’s working practices, further develop its innovative technology and reinvigorate its business to drive long-term change. It includes the introduction of change champions, who form a change network across all offices. This network will help to create sustainable change by ensuring that teams understand the programme and are committed to making it a success.

The recruitment drive reflects Capita’s commitment to strengthening its business and delivering better outcomes for its clients. Under the leadership of CEO, Jon Lewis, the company has put in place a clear strategy to “simplify, strengthen and succeed” and, as part of that, it is making a significant investment in its pensions business. Getting the right people in the right places, to reinforce the existing team of pension experts, is a crucial part of Capita’s efforts to delight customers by delivering excellent service built on effective operations.

The pensions landscape has undergone significant changes over the past five years, such as the introduction of freedom and choice legislation. This has led to scheme members being more engaged with their pensions and, subsequently, increased the requirements of administrators. With this investment in people, Capita is taking measurable steps to raise the bar in service delivery in response to this changing market. As a result, clients see more stability, better delivery on expectations and an increased responsiveness. 

Capita has also completed the first stage of an independent research project, to find out what's important to clients and how satisfied they are. So far, this has involved in-depth interviews with a small number of clients; a more scaled-up approach is being rolled out over the next month.

“This work is an important part of the improvement programme”, says Gareth Pickles, MD of Pensions and Benefits.

“We want to ensure that our ongoing programme of investment in our people, technology and processes is meeting the mark and delivering better outcomes for our customers and their stakeholders,” he adds.

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