Employee Insight Report 2015: An Introduction

Gareth Davies, 28 July 2015

Today we release our Employee Insight Report 2015, and to outline the purpose of the report, our Research & Engagement Manager, Gareth Davies, has kindly released his introduction to the report.

It’s good to listen to people

The report is in its third year and the results of this research have benefited employers looking to get an understanding of what their own employees may be thinking. Earlier this year we commissioned an online survey of 3,001 UK employees and used the findings from this (as well as drawing from a wide variety of different sources) to form the basis of our research.

Surveying people is a recognised approach in understanding what a wider population may do. Or, if the sample size allows, it can help us understand very specific groups of people such as young single employees, employees with/without kids, employees who have not joined a pension scheme, etc.

Offering benefits, for instance, that are relevant and needed will lead to far greater engagement than providing something that is unpopular and unnecessary; it could actually have the opposite effect, with the employee questioning whether their employer really understands them at all.

In addition, we can look to identify potential issues for employees: how are they feeling financially and what are their priorities, what do they do when they are sick, what would make them look for another job, are there areas where they lack a real understanding, etc.

This is the essence of the report. It is about listening to what people are saying, to look at their current attitudes and consider what these mean for those designing employee benefit programmes in the workplace. It helps us understand the broad direction of travel.

However, we do need to be mindful that people may say one thing, and then do something completely different. We see this when analysing the responses from the Employee Insight research and can  compare this against actual employee behaviour. The two approaches work well together: asking people what they want and measuring what they actually do. It helps to get a broad understanding of what people want before fine-tuning this to what employees really want. Or at least what they would be prepared to pay for or commit to.

The success of any research project depends on getting the questionnaire design right and ensuring that it’s completed by the right people. We are genuinely interested in what people have to say and are careful to remove any questions in our survey that are badly worded, difficult to understand or can lead to bias. It is important to be honest with the data and then explain to our clients what this means.

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Gareth Davies

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