Flexible benefits in 2017

Charlotte Godley, 15 February 2017

I’m delighted to introduce Charlotte Godley who joined Capita towards the end of last year as Head of Flexible Benefits and Charlotte has agreed to share some of her thoughts on 2017 as well as a little bit more on her background and experience.

So Charlotte, what do you see as the big challenges and opportunities when it comes to flexible benefits in 2017?

2017 is undoubtedly going to be another challenging year, but I think it’s also going to be a really interesting. So in 2016 we saw a number of developments in the market and I think that really set the scene for change, but I think 2017 is the year we’ll really see the employee benefits market embrace some of those developments and also take some more risks, looks at things a little bit differently.

Arguably that actually has to happen just to make sure that businesses are meeting and continuing to meet the needs of a changing workforce and also the changing market conditions. So I think innovation is going to be really strong in 2017. We’ve seen that a lot with benefits technology which has moved forward enormously. Arguably we haven’t seen the same pace of change around the structure and design of flexible benefits schemes.

We’ve seen some new benefits coming in, particularly with a focus on the financial, physical and emotional wellness of employees and we’ve seen the move to anytime benefits, but it does feel that there needs to be more of a change and an overhaul in terms of the design and structure of the flex schemes so they keep pace with the developments in technology.

Thanks for this and can you share a little more about yourself?

I started working after I finished my A levels, the rebellious side of my personality deciding not to follow the crowd and go to university. So I actually landed my first role through a friend of mine for a reward and recognition company which was great and I worked there for about four years before I decided to move up to London. So when I was in London I was recruited by Mercer as a healthcare analyst and I stayed at Mercer for 17 years working my way up to a healthcare consultant, then broadening that out to cover risk benefits before moving into the flexible benefits team where I really felt that I found my home. So I was in the flexible benefits team at Mercer for around 10 years and was heading up the consulting team  up the flex consulting team before I moved onto Capita.

And can you also share what attracted you to Capita as well

Well after 17 years in the same business, albeit different roles, it was a huge decision for me to move and it was also really critical that I found the right role in the right company. But I think I really joined Capita at a perfect time. There’s huge potential in the benefits technology which really does provide a truly integrated benefits platform. But also they have a really innovative and entrepreneurial approach which comes through in their solutions and benefits that they are developing, but also in the way that the teams work and the way the teams work.

So thanks Charlotte for her time today and thank you for watching.

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Charlotte Godley

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