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Alistair Dornan, 23 November 2015

On Wednesday, our Health Management practice launched a foundation wellness pilot programme for Capita Employee Benefits employees in London with a view to rolling it out to other locations.

With a focus on empowering people to make positive choice rather than prescribing a defined health programme, our foundation wellness programme provides employees with a range of the latest innovations in digital healthcare designed to engage, educate and promote change.

So many aspects of our day-to-day lives have now “gone digital” and expectations of what is possible continually change. Slowly but surely, on demand services are becoming the norm rather than the exception; TV, dating, social media, food etc have all embraced this change, even the luddites amongst us are starting to see areas where digital can improve our lives. In the last few years we’ve seen this expectation transcend to the delivery of healthcare.

According to a McKinsey study in 2014, 75% of people expect to use digital healthcare services in the future. The wide scale adoption of mobile technology seems like a natural fit for rolling out health and wellness initiatives given how much of our lives are already governed by the tech we walk around with. The digital healthcare market has been estimated to be worth £23 billion globally in 2014 and this is expected to almost double in value to £43 billion by 2018.

Companies are better able to take advantage of big data technologies to provide personalised healthcare services on demand and the appetite amongst employers for digital health is beginning to surge. With the market growing at such a phenomenal rate, choice can be problematic, so how can you better navigate this increasingly busy landscape and which solution is going to be best for you?

Providers including Babylon, Bupa, New Leaf Health and Zesty all supported our foundation wellness programme with onsite and app based behaviour change, testing and gamification programmes. Practicing what we preach, this programme gives our employees the opportunity to experience first-hand the wellness tech being implemented for our clients. And over 60% of our population took advantage of the services – beginning their personal journeys.

So, what can the aforementioned health tech providers do for your employees?

The Babylon Health app puts a “doctor in your pocket”. It addresses the problem of waiting times by leveraging mobile technology through a personalised health service giving users the opportunity to consult with GMC registered doctors in a matter of minutes via their mobile device.

Bupa Boost is a ground breaking corporate wellness tool from Bupa designed to gamify corporate wellness programmes through goal setting, performance tracking and peer support and motivation. 

New Leaf Health are a leading provider of onsite health services offering employees a DIY health check; giving them the capability to ‘Know their Numbers’, referring to key markers of blood pressure, body height and weight, body mass index (BMI) and body composition. By knowing your numbers this allows employees to keep these numbers within a healthy range, which can greatly improve heart and general health, and reduce the risk of the main causes of disease and ill health.  

Zesty take the hassle out of finding and booking healthcare appointments. Its app, which is free to download, enables you to find and book an appointment in 60 seconds.

If you would like more information on digital healthcare design, contact Alistair Dornan, Head of Health Management.

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