National Employee Motivation Day

25 October 2016

Thursday 25th February is National Employee Motivation Day 

“The key to being motivated is having a sense of progress,
at the heart of which lies good goal setting.”

Set yourself lots of small goals.
To stay focused and to give you a sense of progress –
vital for long term happiness and job satisfaction
Before starting a day’s work, just “step back”
for two minutes.

Take a few deep breaths, relax, unclutter your mind and picture your day
ahead and what you’re hoping to achieve.
You’ll be far more productive
Stay focused on the positives.
Every organisation has it faults but unless you can change them, don’t waste your time dwelling on them
Have some fun!
Having fun helps people relax, bonds teams together, releases endorphins and is the bedrock of creativity
Embrace change and don’t be frightened to make mistakes.
Try out new things and regularly spend time on the edge of your comfort zone
If you want to think outside your box,
get out of your box!

If you’re looking for new ideas, go for a walk. A different environment is likely to stimulate your brain and induce innovative thinking
Never overlook the importance of the little things, the TNTs – Tiny Noticeable Things.
They may be tiny but they create the biggest, longest lasting images

Believe in yourself and be yourself.
You’ll be surprised how many people will want to follow you and you’ll be astounded by what you are capable of achieving – especially when you pull together with those around you


Don’t be a prisoner of other people’s thinking.
If you want to successful, release all the childlike qualities that you had in abundance as a young child, be the most enthusiastic person you know and look at life through uninhibited eyes


Start every day by drinking a glass of water.
To rehydrate your brain and help it perform at its very best


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