'Pens & Bens' Fantasy Football League

Gareth Davies, 30 July 2015

Are you a pensions or employee benefits professional? Do you like football? Well, good news! You’ve got a legitimate opportunity to talk about football at work! We’ve decided to combine these two subjects and create the ‘Pens & Bens’ Fantasy Football League.

If you’ve already got a team set up and ready for the new season on 8 August and you’re a pensions or employee benefits professional, feel free to join league using the code:


New to Fantasy Football? If you’re a Fantasy Football newbie but are chomping at the bit to join the Pens & Bens league, here are details on how to do so:

  1. Sign up for fantasy football here: http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ 
  2. Set up your team
  3. Then join the league by clicking on leagues
  4. Click on Join a League
  5. Select Private League
  6. Enter the code 309331-249990

Get involved Are you on LinkedIn? Follow our company page and join our group for updates and discussion on the 'Pens & Bens' league. Are you on Twitter? Follow our Twitter account and keep tabs on the #CEBFootball hashtag for discussion and tips!

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