First Class Payroll Services for any Business

When we approach small businesses about payroll services from Capita they’re often surprised to find we offer the same service to them as to our national clients. Our specialist team based in Orpington focuses purely on small and medium sized businesses, offering a bespoke and personalised service.

With combined experience of more than 80 years in HR and payroll, the team helps small and medium businesses to interpret regulations, improve the service to employees and reduce payroll costs. We pride ourselves not only on answering your questions, but on anticipating the next one and answering that too!

Given the nature of our SMEs, we offer a flexible service from a small team that gets to know clients and their expectations from the outset. We have the ability to on-board new payrolls fast and to turn around queries in tight timescales. Our services cover every aspect of pay; we act as the sole touchpoint for all transactions including payslips, ad-hoc allowances and bonuses etc, for the entire employee lifecycle.

“One of our clients asked us to bring one of their sister companies on board. In April, the client informed us they wanted to go ahead, and for payroll to be run by us from that month onwards. Using March pay information as a basis, we imported their data, set up a new company and all their employees and went live for 35 new employees in under a month, ensuring all those we had taken on were paid correctly and on time with no disruption as a result of the switch in provider.”

“We’re supporting one client with calculating their hypo tax at the moment. The client brings people into the UK and also posts UK workers overseas as expatriates. We ensure that expatriates don’t pay more tax as a result of working outside the UK, and we work out hypothetical allowances for those overseas and those coming to work in the UK. As we have access to the client’s pay data it’s a service we can offer that otherwise would need to be calculated by an accountancy firm.

Capita payroll for small businesses:

We offer a fully managed service with expert advice on a flexible basis to meet your changing business requirements. Capita’s services can be set up quickly and easily and you will have a named contact from day one.

One named contact for every client: We don’t have a call centre - you will speak to the same person every month. All our clients have a named contact as well as a back-up contact, enabling us to build a strong partnership with our clients. We believe it’s important for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

Simple process: We try and keep things as simple as possible. Payroll can be delivered to us in a format that suits you, for example via email, and there is no requirement for you to use a fixed format for input. However, we do offer templates to our clients in case they are of use. Capita is set up as a bureau for BACS so you can link your number to ours, enabling us to pay salaries and PAYE on your behalf.

“We can offer additional services such as implementation of the apprenticeship levy. One of our clients appointed us to assess whether they needed to make deductions, to calculate those deductions and implement them. In this case we advised the client to split the allowance between companies within the organisation to maximise efficiencies across the group.”

Reliable and accurate: Between us we have more than 80 years’ experience in HR and payroll. We are fully conversant with UK payroll and are able to discuss any issues. If required, we are happy to explain payroll calculations to your employees, for example, queries around tax calculations.

Flexibility: Although deadlines have to be agreed to ensure salaries are paid on time, we aim to be as flexible as possible. We can make allowances on timescales for processing payroll as long as pay day isn’t compromised. We can also build in as much review time for you as you need for payroll approval each month.

A friendly service: We ask the right questions. We believe that we go the extra mile and would ask pertinent questions if the payroll input was ambiguous. If we feel we can offer a suggestion on the best way of achieving your payroll requirements, we would not hesitate to contact you.

“Every month we manage new tax codes for our clients. Although we don’t know about personal circumstances, we know enough about our clients to know when to raise a query. For example, we have a client that pays a number of staff close to the £100k annual tax threshold, where Tax free allowances start to be removed. However, when bonuses are paid this affects the employees’ tax position and because we monitor their data closely we are able to make those employees aware of what might happen as a result of the additional earnings.”

"We are very happy with the quality of service provided by the team. We really appreciate how the team understand how our business works and what makes us different from other clients. We feel that we receive a personal bespoke service and it is greatly appreciated."
Rudolph Wontumi, JCB International (Europe) Ltd

"We are very satisfied. The team provides a prompt and helpful response. Give Jon the Employee of the Year award!"
Charis Murton, Public Library of Science

"Great customer service and knowledge, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Paul and Lee."
Siobhan White, Faberge (UK) Ltd