Global Resourcing Intelligence Diagnosis at Invensys

Invensys Ltd is a multinational engineering and information technology company headquartered in London. It has offices in more than 50 countries and its products are sold in around 180 countries. It was taken over by the French multinational Schneider Electric for a total consideration of £5.5 billion in January 2014.

Our client, the Global Resourcing Director, was planning to initiate a worldwide transformation programme to transition the resourcing function to a client facing, direct hiring service. At the time, the reputation of the resourcing function’s performance across the business was poor, although this was largely fuelled by unsubstantiated hearsay. Criticism was focused on cost and quality of service and hire.

Our client needed to gather the evidence and insight to challenge these unsubstantiated views voiced by a small but vociferous minority across the broader HR and hiring manager community, whose perceptions were threatening to destabilise the recruiting operation . A secondary desired outcome from the data gathering exercise was to establish and develop a data-set that would inform a prioritised framework for change and continuous improvement to structure the transformation programme and to measure its success.

The Capita Talent Consultancy’s Resourcing Intelligence diagnostic was the perfect tool to generate the insight required for both objectives. We were asked to structure the transformation programme, to evidence real and broad perceptions of the performance of the resourcing function without views being swayed by a vocal minority.

Our brief was to configure an Invensys-specific Resourcing Intelligence tool, complete with customised ‘additional modules’ in order to ensure that the scope of diagnosis met the specific needs of our client. We were also required to work with the team of recruitment managers to establish respondent communities across locations and business units, and to design and implement a communications strategy to initially promote the purpose of the diagnosis and secure as high a response rate as possible (with a target response rate of 20% of invitees). 

Our solution:
We needed to create and present the outcomes of the diagnosis in such a way that it maintained its integrity, yet supported both key objectives of the project. Our solution was to create a bespoke version of Resourcing Intelligence specifically designed for use by Invensys that included a demographic interrogation engine enabling our client to analyse and compare discrete data sets.

The Capita Talent Consultancy managed the project end to end including all communications and invitations to respondents. This involved liaising with 640 hiring managers and stakeholders who were invited to respond across 43 countries. 

We created the demographic interrogation engine within the tool, defined the invitee audience of stakeholders from across the business and managed the invitation and follow-up process.

We generated a higher than target response rate of more than 30% and analysed c. 35,500 data points using our analytics tools and expertise. The bespoke Resourcing Intelligence ‘real time’ data analysis tool built for this project also enabled the collation of the organisation’s demographical people data through a single platform for the first time.

The Capita Talent Consultancy carried out analysis of the data, and presented the key findings of the analytics exercise. We also provided training on the tool for future analysis using the demographic interrogation engine, ensuring effective skills and knowledge transfer to Invensys.

Business outcomes: 
The outcomes from the bespoke Resourcing Intelligence diagnostic enabled us to work with our client to create a global prioritisation framework for the transformation programme. This new approach to transforming the function across regions and business units would have maximum impact in the most critical areas, and it had buy-in from all stakeholders. The flexible and pragmatic philosophy of The Capita Talent Consultancy enabled us to build a bespoke tool that exactly responded to the requirements of the business.

The Global Resourcing Director was able to defend the reputation of his function with detailed and cross-analysed data, and was also able to structure an efficient and effective transformation programme. We also created a framework to measure the ongoing effectiveness of the change programme to ensure that tangible business benefits were delivered by the project and that the programme continued to be effective over time.

A data informed transformation programme that accurately responded to the demands and priorities of individual locations and business units led to a more efficient use of resources and targeted and measureable improvement. The project ensured that the transformation programme would deliver real value to all stakeholders within the business, and resulted in in a more effective, high quality, resourcing function.