Transforming the Teachers’ Pensions Scheme to improve service and increase engagement

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme is the second largest public sector pension scheme in the UK. We're now five years in to our third consecutive contract, awarded by the Department for Education, with a remit beyond just doing the paperwork.

We also committed to raising awareness of what the scheme provides and how teachers can get the best out of it. This required an important change in behaviour – encouraging teachers to actively plan for their retirement and understand the value of their pension.

Using insight to understand what members and employers wanted

In-depth research into the design of the existing Scheme showed that teachers were encouraged to just complete the initial application. Important messages on the website weren’t easy to find; the annual statement wasn’t easy to decipher; and it didn’t encourage individuals to consider their retirement options.

From this research, our service design teams worked with members and employers to understand what they wanted. We developed personas and user journeys, dependent on their lifestyle and requirements.

Developing a solution based on individual needs

Armed with a better understanding of the different ways our stakeholders interact, we implemented communications channels specific to each audience. This included personalised electronic direct mails, the use of tailored Facebook and TES adverts, as well as redesigning our online calculators and resources.

With input from our members and employers, we launched a clean and engaging new brand identity, along with a refreshed website. Everything we issued was rewritten to be jargon free. We also developed a number of training tools, helping members and employers get the most from the scheme.

Ongoing engagement

Members and employers are surveyed daily on the service provided and how engaged they are with the Scheme. In addition, the team conducts regular focus groups and usability testing.

How are we doing?

Return on Investment is measured on campaign actions, linked to the outcomes we agreed with the Department for Education. Some of the stats we measure include:

 My Pension Online registrants:

  • 409,227 registrants to date

Campaign visits:

  • 613,000 visits from campaign traffic in 2015

Web traffic: 

  • 9 million website visits from January 2015 to December 2015, which is an increase of over 1 million visits in 3 years
  • 10% of visitors stay longer than the previous year
  • 2 million page views
  • 12 average pages per visits.
The Teachers’ Pensions contract is delivering very well in its objectives to deliver savings and at the same time provide excellent service to teachers, their employers and all stakeholders. It’s acknowledged as one of the leading Public sector pension schemes and a great example of a successful outsource. Recent activity has demonstrated responses beyond our expectations and as a result the engagement elements are continuing to deliver.

David Heslop

Director at Teachers’ Pensions

Other significant achievements in the contract include:

  • Service improvements have led to a 48% reduction in the cost base, generating approximately £28 million of savings for the government over the first two contract terms.
  • Staff reduced from c.450 to c.210 but new business placed at same location allowed 98% of potentially redundant staff to be redeployed on other contracts.

Pension Scheme Insight Report 2016

The Pension Scheme Insight Report 2016 is aimed at those responsible for designing pensions and employee benefits programmes in the workplace.

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The report shows more than half (54 per cent) of managers and trustees cite GMP reconciliation as the major challenge for the next 12 months, making it the most commonly cited demand among pension managers and trustees.

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