Assure STA

Alistair Dornan, 15 September 2015

Today we launch Assure STA; a robust international approach for short term assignments.

Company forecasts suggest over 60% of companies globally expect to see a rise in the number of their short-term assignees, however, we've noticed that the options available to employers embarking on international work assignments for less than a twelve month period are limited when it comes to sourcing international private medical cover.

Assure STA provides affordable, self-sustaining and relevant cover that mitigates the inefficiencies that can often be associated with taking out full annual international private medical insurance. We ensure cover is provided in three month tranches and has the flexibility to be extended for a further three month period wherever your employees are in the world. The premiums are determined according to your employees’ age and location. There are two areas of cover; Worldwide including USA and Hong Kong and Worldwide excluding USA and Hong Kong.

Stuart Birch, senior international consultant, had this to say on Assure STA: “We wish to help our clients obtain the most appropriate and cost-effective healthcare provision for their short-term assignees, so often under-served in today’s market. To achieve this, we’ve challenged all involved to think differently about the nature of international assignment risk, and will continue to drive innovation in this field.”

Whether you’re part of small, large, or multinational organisation, we’ll ensure you receive the ideal plan aligned with your specific needs. Our team of international consultants have a proven track record in delivering world class risk management solutions.

For more details on Assure STA, visit our Health Management page or view the Assure STA brochure.

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