Capita launches Maestro – delivering DC excellence for clients

27 October 2014

Capita Employee Benefits today announces the launch of Maestro, its proposition to deliver excellence in Defined Contribution (DC) pension plans.

Maestro delivers for clients an in-depth breakdown of its plan’s membership profile based on Capita’s research into saving flexibility, which measures the ability and/or willingness of individuals to be flexible in their approach to retirement saving. The resulting insight and analysis informs plan design and investment strategy.

Alongside this is a tailored financial education offering and a specialised ‘Countdown to Retirement’ programme to help members understand their choices and make informed decisions.

Underpinning all of this is Maestro’s DC Governance Planner which addresses the need for sponsors and trustees to have a structured governance framework in place that meets the demands of the Pensions Regulator and delivers good member outcomes.

Gary Smith, Head of DC Consulting at Capita, commented, “We are at a defining moment in the evolution of Defined Contribution pension plans in the UK. There is a real focus on the benefits and risks in pension provision and attention on how members, employers and trustees can better manage their DC plan. This year’s Budget has served to create even greater attention on the need for DC to excel.”

He continued, “Maestro has been developed and refined to address this focus. Our DC consultancy is founded around four key pillars: Member Analytics, Education, Strategy and Oversight. It provides employers and trustees with a complete end-to-end solution to their DC needs. We have over 50 DC specialists, making our consulting team one of the largest in the UK. Working in collaboration with them are our investment and administration experts and our own in-house creative agency.”

“Maestro is the culmination of our years of insight, expertise and experience: it offers clients an outstanding, comprehensive service focused on delivering DC excellence.”

Further details can be found here.