DC Consulting launches Countdown to Retirement

07 May 2015

Our DC Consulting practice has partnered with the employee engagement company, iPerform to create a series of interactive online videos to accompany the ‘Countdown to Retirement’ workshops.

Our Employee Insight Report 2014 highlighted that 69.2% of the 3,000 employees surveyed felt employers should do more to educate their workforce about financial products, which is precisely what Countdown to Retirement looks to achieve.

Countdown to Retirement is a structured, three-step financial education programme that gives employees comprehensive guidance and resources on planning for their retirement, not just in terms of financial goals, but also lifestyle objectives.

Gary Smith, head of DC Consulting, commented “with the pensions landscape growing in complexity, an obligation lies with employers to educate their workforce and plan for retirement. Our Countdown to Retirement workshops do this”.

The workshops are accompanied by interactive videos created by iPerform, a company with Olympians Steve Backley OBE and Roger Black MBE at the helm as well as managing director Paul Hannam.

Paul Hannam had this to say “we are excited to be working with Capita Employee Benefits to create the Countdown to Retirement video programme. Our goal is to help employees develop a positive vision for their retirement, and build powerful habits for flourishing during this major life transition. The 20 bite size videos integrate best practices that promotes their emotional, physical and social well-being. Future retirees will gain the tools and strategies to lead a successful and fulfilling retirement.”

For more information on Countdown to Retirement, visit our DC Pensions page.


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