Loake Brothers engages Capita Employee Benefits to deliver de-risking strategy

02 February 2015

The Trustees of the Loake Brothers Ltd Pension Scheme have engaged Capita Employee Benefits to advise on their de-risking strategies. 

Andrew Loake, Managing Director and Trustee, explained, “We are always mindful of our duties as Trustees to reduce the risks to which our scheme is exposed.  We appointed Capita to implement a robust and dynamic de-risking framework.”

“Part of the strategy involves the monitoring of our scheme’s funding level with a supporting framework that allows us to quickly restructure our investment strategy when opportunities to de-risk arise. This can be achieved within 48 hours of a prescribed trigger point being hit.”

Capita has helped the Trustees to incorporate Liability Driven Investments within their investment portfolio; a project that was completed in just 5 weeks from the initial concept being considered by the Trustees.

Loake continued, “Capita will continue to track the funding-level of the scheme on a buy-out basis as it approaches our long-term goal of purchasing annuities for all of the Scheme’s membership, allowing us to react quickly and take full advantage of movements in the investment markets.”

Further details can be found here.

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