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Peter Taylor

According to our Employee Insight Report, 65.6% of employees say they are more likely to stay with an employer that offers good employee benefits. In addition, 65.3% say that they are more likely to take a job with another employer if they are offered good employee benefits. Evidently, there is a strong business case for devising a benefit strategy that reflects what employees want, value and appreciate.

Our benefits portal, Orbit, has been operational for 15 years and serves nearly 500,000 employees, equating to 10 million decisions a year relating to the benefits being offered by employers. That's a lot of data! In 2014, we launched Optimise, our Benefit Strategy proposition that utilises this data as well as your workforce demographics to build a more comprehensive picture of your employees and their preferences. This approach has been tremendously successful and recently we celebrated Happy Birthdata to showcase just what Optimise has achieved in a year!

On the back of the success of Optimise, we have created Optimise SME. We currently look after the benefits needs of over 600 SMEs across the UK and through these working partnerships have built real expertise in advising and consulting with SMEs. For more details on Optimise SME, visit our Benefit Strategy page or view the Optimise SME brochure.

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Peter Taylor Head of Client SME Solutions Benefit Strategy

Peter Taylor

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