Member Nominated Trustees Report 2016

This research report has been jointly produced by Capita Employee Benefits and the Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT), examining the attitudes of member-nominated trustees.

About the research

The Pensions Regulator states: “Trustees are required to ensure that arrangements are in place, and implemented, that provide for at least one-third of trustees, or at least one-third of directors of the trustee company, to be member-nominated.” Capita Employee Benefits worked closely with the AMNT in this research process to look at the current attitudes and practices of member-nominated trustees of UK pension schemes.

Between 12 and 21 April 2016, we surveyed 77 member-nominated trustees through an online survey. By surveying this group of pension decision-makers and examining the results we can bring to light what the collective voice is saying, highlighting trends and developing solutions. For a free copy of the report, click the download button above.