Pension Scheme Insight Report 2016

By surveying Pension Managers and Trustees and examining the results, we look bring to light what the collective voice is saying, highlighting current trends and feed this back into how we develop solutions.

The Pension Scheme Insight Report 2016 is aimed at those responsible for designing pensions and employee benefits programmes in the workplace.

Using key trends and statistics it identifies how the pensions landscape is evolving providing insight into:

  • Guaranteed Minimum Pensions (GMP)
  • Scheme administration costs
  • Pensions communications and member engagement
  • Comparison between outsourced and in-house schemes
  • Freedom and choice in pensions
  • Data and governance
  • Future of Defined Benefit (DB) pensions

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About the research methodology

The search is based on the results and figures from our own online survey of key decision-makers in trust-based pensions, as well as drawing from a wide variety of sources, such as the office for National Statistics, the Department for Work and Pensions, Age UK, the Purple Book which is compiled by the Pension Protection Fund and the Pensions Regulator as well as our own Employee Insight Report 2015.

110 pension decision-makers participated in our research, ranging from both smaller and larger schemes. These industry decision-makers are responsible for schemes with over £110 billion in asset value.


71% of pension managers see the GMP reconciliation as a key administration challenge for 2016.

Administration has received board level attention for 51% of pension schemes and a further 14% of schemes believe this is imminent.

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