Scottish Employee Insight Report 2016/17

The second annual Employee Insight Report 2016/17 – Scotland is now released and the results of this research have benefited employers looking to get an understanding of what their own employees may be thinking.

The report follows a survey of Scottish employees covering their views on pensions, health, financial wellbeing, benefits and the relationship with their employer.

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About the research methodology

The research is based on the results and findings from our own online survey of employees based in Scotland. We commissioned an online survey of 199 employees aged 16+ which was conducted between 21 April and 12 May 2016.

Participants in the research were all members of the Research Now survey panel.

Employee Insight Report 2016

65% expect their employer to provide guidance on benefits.

Pension Scheme Insight Report 2016

Administration has received board level attention for 51% of pension schemes and a further 14% of schemes believe this is imminent.

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