Visit Capita at HR Directors Forum

The HR Director Summit was held in Birmingham in January, and was the biggest gathering of senior HR Directors in Europe!

The Summit was host to - 700+ delegates, 60 hours of intelligence and inspiration, 8 streams spread across 2 days, Match Meetings, 11 hours of networking and keynote speakers including Lynda Gratton and Tammy Erickson and the event also included the HR Distinction Awards 2017.

Event Details

Broad Street
B1 2EA England

T: +44 (0) 121 200 2000

Microphone and large audience

Challenging your thinking about diversity and inclusion and making it happen.

Business leaders tend to express an understanding of the rationale for diversity and inclusion, but how do we really make it happen? Attendees learnt about how Sellafield Ltd, working in partnership with Capita, is making real break-throughs in its diversity and inclusion strategy. Lesley Bowen and Mike Ruddle told the Sellafield story of establishing the business case, building support, and creating a practical and measurable strategy. The session aimed to challenge your thinking about your organisation’s approach to diversity and inclusion and provide tips for impactful interventions.