REBA Reward Leaders' Forum 2017

Emerging pay & financial wellbeing strategies for a new world of work.

We are pleased to be sponsoring and speaking at this conference, which will examine how legislative, social, economic and demographic change combined with new workforce behaviour patterns are driving new approaches to pay & pensions.

The reward levers employers can pull are shifting due to demographic and legislative changes: generations Y&Z, ageing workforce, national living wage, the Lisa, pensions freedoms, lifetime allowances, gender pay audits.The way we work, where we work and what jobs we will be doing in the future also mean that reward professionals need to re-think pay and benefits strategies to ensure they align to shifting HR and business strategies.

This think-tank event will focus on the two biggest costs to the reward budget: pay and pensions. It will ask: what will these strategies look like by 2025?

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Alex Tullett

Alex Tullett Head of Benefits Strategy Capita Employee Benefits

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Improve, inform and integrate your pay and benefits strategy using data analytics

Learn how to create an integrated approach to your reward strategy using the data in HR and benefits systems.

This session will cover:

  • Analysing your workforce and using that data to help set pay strategy
  • Understand how to use combined data from your HR and benefits systems to make best use of your benefits budget
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your reward approach and identify ways in which it can be improved, based on real-world data.

Alex Tullet, Capita Employee Benefits

This session will take place 10:05am


Thursday 27 April 2017

08.00 - 17.15


County Hall,

Westminster Bridge

Riverside Building

Belvedere Road



Man speaking in front of large audience
  • Pay pressures
  • Future pay strategies
  • Variable pay and bonus'
  • How benefits are becoming more important in the engagement mix
  • Pension pressures, challenges and solutions
  • How to compensate high earners
  • Alternative savings vehicles
  • Financial education, advice and wellbeing
  • Workforce planning/ensuring good retirement journey

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