Westminster Employment Forum

The future for Human Resources - technology and the changing role for HR professionals

Delegates at this conference will discuss latest thinking on the challenges and opportunities for human resources technology, in light of current developments in employment policy. The conference comes as many employers express concern over their future ability to meet skills and recruitment needs, in light of the Brexit vote. 

It also follows the announcement of an an independent review of modern employment practices and comes as the Work and Pensions and BEIS select committees conduct enquiries relating to the gig economy and other alternative forms of employment.

In light of these developments, sessions at the conference will consider how technology can be used within talent recruitment and management strategies, as well as examining the role it can play in improving employee engagement and helping employers manage change in the labour market.

Further sessions will consider the use of Big Data and HR analytics, as well as the future role for HR professionals in light of advancements in technology.

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The future for HR analytics and big data - opportunities and legal challenges

What key business benefits can developments in business analytics and the use of big data bring for the HR function and their organisations, and what are notable examples of its effective use? What are the challenges arising from tensions between the analysis of trends and big data sets, and applying findings to individual employees and candidates - particularly in areas such as discrimination and unfairness? How are issues of data privacy being addressed? How are challenges of system interoperability, skills and integrating HR analytics into organisational management cultures being tackled?


  • Doug Brown, Chief Data Scientist, Capita Employee Benefits
  • Alexandra Mizzi, Senior Associate, Howard Kennedy

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11.15 - 12.00

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Thursday 27 April 2017

8:30am - 1:00pm


Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, London SW1A 1LR

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