Coaching & Developing Employees

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By developing all employees to their full potential an employer is likely to see a number of benefits. It may be possible to fill key roles more quickly through establishing an effective succession plan; employee retention and employee relations may be improved and you are likely to develop a more motivated, committed and engaged workforce.

Who is it for?

Any member of staff with responsibility for managing and developing others.

What will the session cover?

  • Why you should coach staff to improve their performance
  • An understanding of some different coaching methods together with when and how to use them
  • How to develop a coaching culture throughout the organisation
  • How to coach employees who are content to remain within their current roles
  • How to develop an organisational succession plan
  • The role mentoring can play

Benefits of attending—You will be able to:

  • Coach all staff
  • Increase levels of employee engagement
  • Develop a succession plan for key roles within the organisation

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