Governors Guide to Holding a Teacher's Pay Appeal

Scheduled Course Date


Following the introduction of Performance Related Pay for teachers in September 2013 Governors  have increased responsibilities in terms of ensuring that a fair process is followed when pay awards are made or when decisions regarding progression e.g. through the Upper Pay Range are made.

This short course will provide Governors with the confidence and skills needed to effectively manage or participate in any pay appeals.

Who is it for?

School and Academy Governors. 

What will the session cover?

  • What your role and responsibilities are in the pay process
  • How to ensure the fair treatment of staff
  • How to manage a pay appeal
  • The importance of ensuring a fair and transparent process

Benefits of attending—You will be able to:

  • Act with confidence in an appeal hearing
  • Have a clear understanding of the legal aspects of the process
  • Make an informed decision based on the evidence presented
  • Reduce the risk of valid challenge to the organisation

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