Managing Capability

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Ensuring that your employees perform their roles as effectively as possible to achieve their goals and objectives are key to managing a successful team. What do you do however when despite your best efforts the person you are managing just doesn't seem to be willing or isn't able to complete their role to the required standard?

This course has been designed to help line managers who may be faced with tackling a capability issue within their team.

Who is it for?

Anyone with line management responsibilities within an organisation.

What will the session cover?

  • How to distinguish between a conduct and a capability issue
  • How to support and manage employees using a capability procedure
  • How to have difficult conversations with staff around their performance
  • The importance of accurate record keeping
  • How to manage “repeat offenders” and other challenging situations

Benefits of attending - You will be able to:

  • Understand when a performance issue is one of capability or conduct
  • Adopt effective strategies for having difficult conversations
  • Tackle persistent or long standing levels of under performance
  • Ensure your establishment operates a fair and consistent process

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