Employee engagement

Our award-winning in-house creative communications agency, Sparks, provides communication and engagement expertise to help get great results and to support people in making choices that shape their future.

We deliver integrated communications campaigns that drive genuine engagement and that resonate with individuals every time. We can help you to define an engagement strategy and to create powerful communication materials to meet your goals.

Over the last 12 months we have supported more than 200 clients in producing engaging employee benefits campaigns aimed at increasing employee participation.

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Our approach

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Our imaginative designers use different formats and media, both online and offline, and always look to make things personal and relevant.

Traditional offline communications (print, merchandise and face-to-face) are used where needed, as are exciting digital channels (web, email, social media, gamification and mobile technology).

We work equally well in both; the important thing is to do what is right for the person at the end. We think about people, not products.

As well as our creative skills, we are experts in pensions, benefits and reward. From defined benefits (DB) closure to flex launches, our qualifications and experience ensure the integrity of our communications.

49% of employees find pensions-related terminology complicated and confusing and so creating a barrier to plan effectively for retirement.

65% of employees say they expect their employer to provide guidance on the employee benefits they offer and how appropriate each benefit might be to them and their family.

Our services

We have a range of solutions to help drive engagement and communication to your workforce, from some of the more traditional face-to-face methods, to utilising the creative talents of our dedicated communications practice.

Our copywriters take time over their words, creating engaging copy that is technically sound without being overly detailed (or boring).

We are dotters of i’s and crossers of t’s. Our copy is to the point, always relevant and proofed with a fine-tooth comb.

Our data scientists tell us what motivates people and how best to engage them – but that’s big data. We dig deeper and get to know your employees as individuals; we run focus groups and test communications; we consider the emotional impact, as well as the tactical.

The cornerstone of our approach is to help you to deliver an ‘audience of one’ experience: developing targeted and highly personalised messages that mean your communications hit the spot.

We provide a suite of services to help employees navigate the complex world of pensions and help provide general financial education.

Our nationwide Workplace Engagement Team is dedicated to providing face-to-face member presentations, fully facilitated group workshops, and one-to-one discussions with members, as well as WebEx and videos.

All members of the Workplace Engagement Team are technically qualified with an expertise in communication – they are fully trained in presentations and TAP certified facilitators.

From perfectly printed communications to integrated digital campaigns, from online and offline pension and total reward statements to animated films and augmented reality apps that grab attention, we bring it all together.

From complex benefit statements, booklets and websites through to digital media we provide communication solutions underpinned by market-leading technology for employers who want easy to understand communications.

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Client testimonial

We tasked Sparks with delivering a communication which encouraged retired members to engage online with Teachers’ Pensions. This audience had very limited communications in the past so we needed to ensure this campaign had strong visual and copy elements in order to provoke an action. This campaign did just that and exceeded all expectations on open rates in particular. The time spent on ensuring the right creative was used proved valuable when understanding our target audience.

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