HR Consulting

Legislative compliance

Build confidence and value in your capabilities through the up-to-date knowledge of our experts.

Faced with ever-increasing governance requirements to manage risks, costs and resources, the time and focus of your average HR team is being stretched further than ever before. While essential to protect the interests of your employees, these changes in legislation put a significant strain on businesses of every size. But with the help of our compliance experts, Capita People Solutions are here to help share the responsibility by making sure all your processes are to standard. So, you can stay focused on your people.

How it works

Like all of our advisory HR solutions, we offer a unique approach to ensure you maximise the value of our working partnership.

What we do

We’ll provide actionable advice to help improve your business and employee experience by lending our expertise to aid key decision-making.

How we do it

We offer exceptional expertise, evidence-based advice, action-orientated business outcomes and ‘Augmented Humanity’ solutions to turn ideas into value.

What we provide

We pride ourselves on being a ‘one stop shop’ for HRDs. With access to a breadth of complementary expertise, we can connect you to specialists in organisational design, best of breed services, real-time benchmarking, proof of ROI and a range of technological capabilities.