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What help and support avenues are available for using iTrent?

What other support is available on iTrent ?

We are committed to support schools when using iTrent; we also offer WebEx training sessions and face to face sessions.


I’ve followed the ‘Forgotten Password’ link but haven’t received an email what should I do?

The password reset email can take up to 15 minutes to arrive and may take the full time whilst a high number of users are attempting to login.

If the 15 minutes has passed, please ensure you check your Junk Mail Folder the email will arrive from the following address

Depending upon your local IT Policy; you may be able to add this email address to your safe senders list, to prevent future emails being delivered into your ‘Junk Mail’ Folder. 

I have tried to enter a change in iTrent but an error message appears saying ‘these details have been locked by the contract locking processes what do I do?

If your payroll is being processed there may be a lock on the system to prevent you inputting changes. Once the processing activity has been completed the system will be unlocked and you can enter changes as normal. 

iTrent Application

I currently have SIMS integration will this change?

If you currently utilize the SIMS integration this will continue. However we are currently looking at ways to future proof and improve this integration to better suit the needs of educational establishments.

When employee self-service becomes available will this be accessible via mobile or tablet?

Yes, iTrent is delivered via the web and ESS can be accessed via mobiles. For those employees receiving payslips by email please note that AOL accounts appear to block iTrent emails and an alternative email address would be necessary.

I have received the following error messages, “Date is not within period of employment”/insufficient privileges to create this record”

Both of these error messages relate to the effective date being incorrectly set at the beginning of the new starter process. Please check you have set the effective date as the “commencement date” from the main menu and then continue with the new starter process in the normal way.

The new starter’s position is not showing on the job post screen.

When searching for the position please ensure the name of the position exists. I.e. adding someone to a classroom support position may be named support staff on the iTrent system. To check this, find someone in the same role via “view my employees” and check the name of the position. Alternatively, check with your payroll team. Please note, if this is a brand new position you will need to contact the payroll team for this to be created.

Why are the new starters not appearing on the system?

Individuals will only appear in your view once the effective date is showing as on or after their commencement date. If this is close to your payroll cut off there also may be a small delay while this person is attached to your payroll. This may also impact on making temporary payments against this account.

Certain screens are not showing correctly / items are not appearing as they should.

Please ensure you are using Internet Explorer for the use of iTrent. Although sessions are able to be loaded in Chrome and other applications, Internet Explorer is the browser recommended for its use.

I am getting the message “Request entity too large” when trying to view information or run reports. What does this mean?

As iTrent is a web based solution, there will be times when your temporary internet files needs to be cleared. To do this, select the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen:

Select “internet options” from the box which opens, locate the section which shows “Browsing history”, click on Delete and press confirm/ok. Depending on if this option is restricted by your IT you may have to select settings, view files and manual delete the contents of the folder which opens up.


How do I request additional access for a new team member?

You will need to log a call with your payroll team via AskHR. Ask them to provide you with an iTrent user request form. You will then need to complete and return this for the new user to be created.

What element should I use when adding overtime?

You need to ensure that when processing overtime you select the correct element for different members of staff. Please see below to assist with this:

Staff type Element to use
Casual support staff Basic hours
Contract support staff Overtime x 1.00
Teaching/Support Additional Payment


When making a temporary payment, why does the value not get costed out when I put a cost centre in?

Whenever you have entered a cost centre you need to include the percentage of the pay over. See below:

Do I have to enter a return date when adding a sickness absence in iTrent?

You should only enter an absence end date when you know this person is returning to work I.E on their first day back to work. Although people will use FIT notes for an expected return date, absence sometimes can go on longer. Once an end date is entered this will set as a fixed end date and not able to be changed.

Can someone talk me through a specific process I am having trouble with?

If you can't find what you need here check out our user guides and videos or contact your local payroll team. 

Glossary of Terms

Please see below some common terms used in iTrent and their “known as” equivalent. We will continue to update these following feedback from our customers.

iTrent Term

Known As  

Social Security Number

National Insurance Number

Zip Code

Post Code

Temporary Payment

A one off payment such as overtime, mileage or a reimbursement


A reoccurring amount added to the employees wage such as TLR, First Aid allowance and cycle to work schemes